Wanted: Engaged Couples who are creative, quirky and slightly cuckoo!


I’m offering a free engagement photography session, and a free enlargement print. Yep – seriously, it’s free!

Why, when I’m already so busy?

Well, I’m looking to trial some new ideas for engagement photos, and want couples who aren’t afraid to embrace life and have a laugh.



Ideas like photographs of you with your mountain bikes, with your dog, or swimming in a lake, or doing tai-chi, or fire-breathing, or on a barge, or on your motorbikes, or a rolling a cheese down a hill, or wrestling a ferocious tiger…

… OK, I’ll calm down on that last one! But, you get the idea; it’s about show-casing your passions in life and letting your personalities shine.


I’m afraid I can only select 5 winners because of all my other photography clients.

Again, you receive a free enlargement print, but you’ll have the opportunity to purchase more photographs if you’d like, but there’s no obligation; I’m not a shark – I have no fin!

Fill out the form below before Thursday 8th November 2018 for a chance to be selected.


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