Rik Jundi

Documentary Family Portrait and Wedding Photographer

Hello! I’m Rik, I’m a Manchester-based Documentary Family Portrait and Wedding Photographer. My photography takes me all over the UK, and the world.

I work in a natural photojournalistic style.

I want to capture the essence of your day; and that, for me, has to be an authentic one.Your Wedding day is a once in a life-time experience that should be fully enjoyed without interruptions by the photographer.

Throughout the day I will be observing and quietly photographing those special moments – there will be no direction from me. I won’t constantly take you away from your guests, asking you to smile and pose or stand on the steps… II will be watching for those special candid moments that will capture the atmosphere and tell the real story of your day.

Rik, I still get emotional even just thinking about the part you and your camera played in our wedding. We will never forget the day – helped along by our most treasured moments being captured so cleverly and stylishly by your skilful eye. Some of those images I simply think only you could have thought to snatch… pure magic!

Thank you, Glyn

Please spend a few minutes looking at this complete wedding at Soughton Hall in Cheshire, which gives an idea of how I can capture the story of your wedding.



If you liked this, take a look at some other weddings I have photographed or maybe some portraits, and if you’d like to discuss anything at all, please call on 07544 258043, email rikjundiphotographer@gmail.com or fill out the form on the contact me page.