Rik Jundi

Documentary Photographer


Hi! I’m Rik, or Jundi, or Rick Jundi. I’ll answer to any of the above. I’ve got several other names as well, but maybe later…. Welcome to my website!

I’m a photographer living in the great city of Manchester, and have been capturing little photographic morsels of it since the early ’70s. My style is what you see. I call it documentary, but it could easily be called street, reportage, journalistic, candid… any and all of those. But generally pictures of life – places and things. It’s what I’m drawn to do.

I’ve travelled well, in my own fashion, and I’ve been all over the world, always with camera in hand, with an open heart and love for my fellow humans in all their guises.


“Live Long and Prosper!” they cried from the stars, and I hope to do it for a little while longer.


I’ve just had my new book published by Flapjack Press. It a story of Mancunia, that great city of ours (I bloody love the place). I’ve collaborated with some of Manc’s best wordsmiths, and together we’ve produced a poetic masterpiece that shines like glittering sun. Not sure if anything like this has been done before, it seems like a first. The launch will coincide with the Chorlton Book Festival on the 21st September and will be on Zoom. It was originally planned for June 5th with exhibition and performance; these times have sent us all digital! Hopefully future exhibitions will be held somewhere in Manchester, and possibly Central Library in 18 months or so – I can’t say, I can only ponder!

I’ve got 100 copies of signed first editions up for grabs at £12 plus £3.90 p&p; email me if you wish to purchase one.

The book will also be for sale at Waterstones online, Amazon, Flapjack Press and all good bookshops.

I also sell prints of my work on my Etsy page


please call on 07544 258043, email rikjundiphotographer@gmail.com or fill out the form on the contact me page.