Documentary Family and Wedding Photographer.

Fairy Stories

On a dull and dampened day, I met with Mum, Dad, little Isla and big dog Harley in a large wood in leafy Cheshire. The weather for family outdoor portraits can be a mixed bag, and it was no surprise that a wintry November day like this was any different. I spent some time following…


11 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Hi there, I’m Rik Jundi, a documentary wedding photographer based in Manchester and covering the whole of the North-West and beyond.
Have any of these happened to friends on on their big day?
The photographer was late, rude to Grandma, made inappropriate jokes, cancelled at the last minute or sent a different photographer without letting you know, took forever to provide the photographs, the camera broke and he didn’t have a spare, the photographer got drunk on your champagne…
A lot can go wrong! So here is my overview of questions you can ask to make sure that you get the beautiful images you want from your big day.