Documentary Wedding Photography by Rik Jundi


My artistic vision is focused on you: beautiful, authentic and in the moment.

“We were really lucky to get someone who delivered such quality photographs whilst blending imperceivably into the background on the day making it so natural”

You can rehearse everything else, but the best moments are unexpected.

Your wedding day is filled with stories.

Stories about the love you share with each other, and the love you share with family and friends.

“Our appreciation for what you captured that day grows as each year goes by … and for that we can’t thank you enough”

We weren’t looking for formalised photo’s but something that captured the essence of the day and you do this remarkably well … so simple yet so hard to achieve”

I use natural light, unique compositions, and lovely moments.

My style comes out of a unique background – a mix of fine art, documentary, journalistic and street photography.

“With a unique and dedicated approach to his subject the results are truly a work of art. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone”

I love natural, unposed images that reflect our real lives.

Look back on your photos, and you’ll not only remember how you looked, but how you felt at the time.

Whether your wedding is traditional, quirky, epic or intimate, local or half-way across the world it is always an enormous privilege to be part of your lives for a day.

Take a look at this recent wedding, at Soughton Hall in Cheshire, which displays my style, and gives you an idea of how I capture the story of your wedding.

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